Green Side

Green Side marks an important step on the journey to environmental respect and sustainability. The project comes to life with the launch of sports-inspired slippers that never neglect the historical values of the Rossetti world such as handmade and tradition. From Spring Summer 2023, the Green Side also conquers the formal line with one of the most representative models: the iconic Brera loafer which in this version stands out for the hand-knitted mask with the crochet technique, the upper made with suede leather from recycled materials and for the sole in recycled leather. In the slipper model, the sole is entirely made of natural latex making the shoe versatile and comfortable. For both proposals, the inner lining is made of natural bamboo fiber and the removable insole is entirely obtained from Pet fibers, which guarantee high breathability and optimal moisture absorption. The cotton stitchingis particularly striking, highlighting the product’s handcrafted appeal.