The new Anniversary Brera celebrates seventy years of the brand

Fratelli Rossetti celebrates seventy years of little big revolutions in the fashion world starting with its quintessential icon, the Brera loafer, which, to mark this important milestone, is adorned with handcrafted embroidery depicting the iconic symbols of the Milanese brand , such as the tassels for the Brera loafer, the stirrup for the Magenta boot and the flower for the Hobo slipper.

Embracing a concept of freedom and refinement, today, as then, the new Anniversary 70 Brera breaks the mold, testifying to the company’s ability to combine the most contemporary stylistic expression with fine handcrafted embroidery . This particular interpretation is a sophisticated, sometimes eccentric mix of details that convey a sense of extreme quality. This model also features the iconic contrasting tassels and the now unmistakable mirror-effect BRERA signature hand-stitched on the left side of the loafer.